Edwin Isaac Utere, popularly known  as ED iZycs, hails from Akwa Ibom state. He was born in the early 90s in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state. Eddie started creating compositions in 2006 after completing his secondary education.


The multi-talented instrumentalist is one of our fast rising artiste in our record company, CADILLY. In his debut work ‘Celebration’, ED shows his dexterity playing the flute and the piano while blending jazz, classical, soft rock and world music to create highly inspiring and soothing instrumental works.


In his musical works, ED transmits the whole message through rhythm, melody and sounds as he uses no lyrics. His works are widely recognized as he has bagged various awards and nominations, his most recent is the AFRIMA nomination for best African Jazz, where he was the only Nigerian up against  His greatest musical influence is the Greek pianist and keyboardist, Yanni while he draws his inspiration from light. According to him, “Once there is light, I can create anything”.


Outside playing jazz music, ED is also a gifted music producer and a video director. The highly versatile ED has directed many top notch videos including YQ’s ‘Nawo Nawo’, ‘Tear Rubber’ and ‘Hero’s Smile’, Dj Humility’s ‘Bad Man’, Cj-Mama’s ‘Sisi Jojo’, Lyon J and Terry G’s ‘Action’ and his own singles ‘Celebration’ and ‘Bloody Rose’ just to mention but a few.


Connect with him on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: EDiZycs

ED iZycs


RAVE; real name is “Wilfred Utere” is a fast rising pop sensation signed with CADILLY Entertainment and originates from the South-South Geo-political zone of Nigeria. Best known for winning the national dance competition ‘Maltina Dance All’ Season 8 in 2014, Rave is quickly making his mark in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Rave who happens to come from an artistic home is the third son with five other siblings. It therefore comes as no surprise that he is following in the musical footprints of his elder brothers: LERIQ (currently one of the biggest music Producers in the country and also the Producer of this song RIDE AWAY) and Ed iZycs (label mate, Jazz Musician and outstanding Music Video Director).

Inspired by his idol Michael Jackson, Rave started as a dancer but has gradually evolved into a seasoned choreographer. He has starred in a variety of high profile music videos and carried out outstanding performances at several musical concerts around the country.

Rave is already developing a strong online presence, and is gradually beginning to influence the love of pop music as a genre in Africa.

He hopes that through his music people will find the courage to be unique and creative as he seeks to become an international brand in the near future.

He has four singles already bumping the air-waves under the aegis of Cadilly Entertainment: - In Da Mood, - Tonight, - Booty Bouncer, - Diamonds and numerous other features.

Now, the Pop sensation is blessing our ear-drums with a different flavour in the air,

This new track is Titled: RIDE AWAY (produced by Non-other than Leriq himself).


Listen, Enjoy and make sure to hit us up with feedback and show some Social Love: @RAVE_Tls


FUN FACT: The professional Moniker, RAVE (amazingly not your regular verb or noun), was interestingly suggested by his Dad and translates to RADICAL AND VERY ENTERTAINING.







On the 1st of August, 2012 the proverbial ribbon was cut and CADILLY ENTERTAINMENT opened its doors to the world, and thus fired up the engines of what is now the fastest growing label ever.


CADILLY comprises a full fledged production, promotional, marketing and branding team with its office at Lekki Gardens 3, Lekki-Epe Express Way, Lagos State Nigeria.


We are passionate about dishing entertainment hot and ‘a la carte’ from young talented artistes. With a fresh outlook, CADILLY ENTERTAINMENT is perfectly poised to become the next major force in the Nigerian Entertainment industry.


The team at CADILLY ENTERTAINMENT has combined passion and creativity with talent, experience and determination to build a unique foundation for the entertainment Business in Nigeria.


We aim to provide talented artistes with a rocket-launch pad to start up a career, carve out their niche in the world’s entertainment industry and manage them to remain at the very top all through their career.


ThE M.D.

We are proud to parade as a member of our team and on the helm of affairs, a man who rarely needs be introduced, one who’s accolades are as long as the Niles of Africa. In recent times, he is popularly referred to with the moniker MVGD (Most Valuable Grand Daddy); Mr. Isaac Utere is a grass-root mobilizer for Creativity and Entertainment and in his own capacity a multi-faceted creative man. He is into wood works, metal works, Arts and Craft including drawing and painting, he makes fabrics and more.


He is the founder of Media works – a family based show business outfit and platform that has birthed many commercial artists and creative persons including his sons LyriQ, Ed iZycs, Rave, Henry Newton & the remarkable twins: Ron & Ray.


Isaac Utere is widely known for his versatility, productivity, unique skills of his 6 kids and affability.

His Social Acumen and encouragement has helped in mentoring and honing the skills of many talented and creative young persons.

Daytime thriller, among many others is an initiative born out of Isaac Utere’s crafts and passion of his kids in entertainment activities has been providing the desperately needed avenue for established and budding artists to perform on the same stage for same audience.





Enyindah Peter Sunny, a Rivers born Nigerian and multi-talented personality; PeterSparkz, as he is popularly called, hails from a small village in a community within the Emuoha Local Government areas of Rivers State.


He gained university education from the University of Port Harcourt, soaking up the discipline of being a professional Thespian and Theatre Artist.


Prior to that, he had gained university education as he previously schooled under the greats, studying Mass Communication at the University of Science and Technology (now Rivers State University).


PeterSparkz is often referred to as a Superior Urban Lunatic by friends because of his creative, spontaneous and fun personality; a creative entrepreneur, skilled Choreographer, Voice Actor, Compere, Director(Stage + Screen), amazing Graphic Artist and one of the Coolest uncles ever (at least his nephews and niece think so).


We did say he was MULTI-Talented earlier right?





A & R


Dieprinye Bryan Owujie is a Nigerian creative industry entrepreneur.


He is known for his involvement and development of the Port Harcourt music industry as a Talent manager, A&R, Promoter and an Entertainment consultant.




Bami, is a graduate of Accounting from the Covenant University and a student member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).


The able and capable lady has worked as the head of Accounts Department of a Retail companies; managing funds, preparing financial statements, inventory audit and creating control measures to help the organization achieve its set objectives. Bami’s core Expertise is on audit, tax computation and accounting software.






Chidiebere Onyedinma, also known as BlackTorch, is what you’d call a Cool Geek. Not the socially averse, generally clumsy or clueless stereotype, but a geek with “suave.”

Ebere was born and bred in the city of Port Harcourt, and is a graduate of Computer Engineering from Michael Okpara University, Umudike. From the first day he set his eyes on his dad’s home PC, his interest in the Tech world has piqued exponentially.


He is the Tech and Operations Executive at Cadilly Entertainment, with a natural flair for rap music and beat production.


BlackTorch is influenced by worldwide technological strides and unique innovations, and is inspired to develop solutions to fill the technological chasm in Nigeria. He is particularly inspired by Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Nikola Tesla.

A firm believer in Love and Happiness as his guiding ideals, Black Torch is focused on becoming a global tech icon, creating solutions that would make life better for the impoverished.




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